Brockley Market

A friend had been inviting me to come to a Saturday market near her and I finally took her up on the offer. Perched in the leafy square of Lewisham College car park is Brockley Market. Despite the day being bitterly cold, it didn’t dampen the spirit among producers and traders. Crowds of eager market goers arrived in their droves ready to bag their weekly groceries or simply indulge in a beautiful lunch from one of the many street food stalls.

The market was set up by photogropher Toby Allen who was frustrated by the limited selection of fresh produce in the area. He saw potential for a market in the car park and decided to go about setting one up. And so Brockley Market was born, the shortage of fresh ingredients was no more and all were happy. The Brockley dream continues each Saturday 10-2.

Market Heroes

Mons Cheesemongers

Carefully selected cheeses from France and Switzerland, Mons trades at several markets around London, as well as supplying cheese to shops and restaurants.

Kooky Bakes

My friend was particularly excited to show me the wonders of the Kooky Bake, and I must say, it made my Saturday. Kooky these bakes are, from peanut butter and jelly cupcakes to a s’mores brownie. You’ll need to sit down after this one.

Saltwood Fish Bar

After quite a bit of pacing around, I decided to settle on lunch from here. I was in a decidedly savoury mood and was sold by the thought of polenta crusted Pescado Frito. This is a dish I could happily put on my long list of possible last meals.

Brockley Market

Lewisham College Carpark,

Lewisham Way, Brockley SE4 1UT





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